UFS events at AGU Fall Meeting 2019

Event Name Day/Time Title Authors

A11G – Tropical Cyclones: Observations, Modeling and Predictability

Monday 12/9/2019 09:00 – 09:15

Operational Tropical Cyclone Modeling at NOAA’s National Weather Service
National Center for Environmental Prediction (NWS/NCEP): Recent Advances and Future Plans
Avichal Mehra and Vijay Tallapragada
Town Hall – NOAA Modeling Forum Monday 12/9/2019 12:30 – 13:30
NOAA Modeling Forum
Hendrik Tolman
A131 – Advances and Challenges for Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Monday 12/9/2019 13:40 – 18:00
Dependence of Hurricane Track Forecasts on the Spectral Representation of Cumulus Convection
Anning Cheng, Shrinivas Moorthi, Jack Kain, and David Randall
A13Q – Interactions of Air Quality and Meteorology on Local to Synoptic Scales Monday 12/9/2019 13:40 – 18:00
Impact of global scale FV3 versus regional scale NAM meteorological driver model predictions on
regional air quality forecasting
Jianping Huang, Jeff McQueen, Benjamin Yang, Perry Sharry, Ho-Chun Huang, Youhua Tang(4,5), Patric Campbell, Pius Lee,
Ivanka Stajner, Jack Kain(1), Jose Tirado-Delgado, and Dorothy Koch
A21H – Challenges in Climate Prediction: Seasonal-to-Decadal Climate Predictability and the Earth System Dimension Tuesday 12/10/2019 08:00 – 12:20
Simulation of Ocean Characteristics in the NCEP Unified Forecast System (UFS)
Jiande Wang
A21O – Post-processing of Weather and Climate Model Forecasts at Short-term,
Subseasonal, Seasonal, and Decadal Timescales
Tuesday 12/10/2019 08:00 – 12:20
Exploring Spatial Distributions of Systematic Errors in the NCEP’s Global Ensemble Precipitation Forecasts
Yan Luo and Jason Levit
SA21A – Atmospheric Gravity Waves, from the Surface to the Edge of Space Tuesday 12/10/2019 08:12 – 08:24
Atmospheric Gravity Wave Sources correlated with Resolved-Scale GW Activity and Sub-grid Scale
Parameterization in the FV3gfs Model
Jordan Alpert, Valery Yudin, and Ed Strobach
A22A – Biomass burning and its impacts: emission, chemical evolution, and beyond Tuesday 12/10/2019 11:50 – 12:05
Evaluation of Wildland Fire Smoke PM25 emissions in the NWS Air Quality Forecasting System
Ho-Chun Huang, Jeff McQueen, Perry Shafran, Jianping Huang, Li Pan, Jack Kain, Youhua Tang, Pius Lee,
Ivanka Stajner, and Jose Tirado-Delgado
A23U – Advances and Challenges for Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Tuesday 12/10/2019 13:40 – 18:00
An Investigation of Global Ensemble System for Subseasonal Forecast
Yuejian Zhu, Wei Li, Eric Sinsky, Bing Fu, Hong Guan and Xiaqiong Zhou
A31E – Multi-scale analysis of emissions and observations for air quality forecasting Wednesday 12/11/2019 08:15 – 08:30
Air quality and aerosol predictions at NOAA/National Weather Service

(Note room change: Moscone West – 3008, L3)
Ivanka Stajner, Jeff McQueen, Jianping Huang, Ho-Chun Huang, Li Pan, Partha Bhattacharjee,
Dorothy Koch, Jose Tirado-Delgado, Pius Lee, Youhua Tang, Daniel Tong, Patrick Campbell,
Barry Baker, James Wilczak, Irina Djalalova, Georg Grell, Li Zhang, Gregory Frost,
Stuart McKeen, and Shobha Kondragunta
SH33C – Space Weather Research and Forecasting: End Users, Impacts, and Tomorrow’s Monitoring Capabilities

Wednesday 12/11/2019 13:40 – 18:00

Coupling NCEP FV3 with Space Weather IPE Models
Hann-Ming Henry Juang, Sajal Kar, and Adam Kubaryk
A34C – Extreme Weather Events: Forecast Skill, Uncertainty Quantification and Impact Modeling (Invited Talk)

Wednesday 12/11/2019 16:00 – 16:15

Recent Updates to NCEP Global Modeling Systems: Implementation of FV3 based Global Forecast System
(GFS v15.1) and Plans for Implementation of Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFSv12)
Vijay Tallapragada
GC44A – Integrated Modeling of Complex Coastal Systems and Human-Environment Interactions

Thursday 12/12/2019 16:48 – 17:00

Hurricane Reanalysis and Reforecasts using Operational HWRF with High-Resolution land-sea Mask for COASTAL Act
Zaizhong Ma, Bin Liu and Avichal Mehra