The Graduate Student Test is a measure of how successful the UFS project is in opening its code and development processes to the broader community.

The Graduate Student Test assesses how easily a student can:

  • Get code.
  • Run code.
  • Change code.
  • Test code for correct operation.
  • Evaluate code with standard diagnostic packages.
  • Get documentation, user support, and training.
  • Understand the general structure of a code that is used in operations.

Why graduate students? The Graduate Student Test targets students because they are motivated to work with UFS and are important contributors, but may be new to its concepts, acronyms, and assumptions.  This makes them an excellent test group for ensuring that UFS materials and processes are clear and understandable for everyone who wants to work with the UFS code.

The Communication and Outreach Working Group invites interested graduate students, postdocs, and others to provide feedback on the usability of UFS by getting involved in one of the ongoing UFS Graduate Student Tests, listed below. Learn more and register here.

Open Graduate Student Tests:

GST4: UFS Medium-Range Weather Application v1.1 Cloud Condensation Nuclei Experiment – Run the Medium-Range Weather Application for 24 hours, change cloud condensation nucleii namelist parameters, rerun and compare results. Includes a portable workflow. 6 hours allotted.

Completed Graduate Student Tests:

GST3: UFS Medium-Range Weather Application v1.0 Cloud Condensation Nuclei Experiment Final GST3 report.

GST2: UFS Weather Model Cloud Condensation Nuclei ExperimentSee responses.

GST1: UFS S2S Prototype SST ExperimentFinal GST1 report.